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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use


The Shedders Card is available in euro (€) and Sterling (£) only. The Card is not a credit card, or a charge card, nor is it a debit card  linked to a current account. The Card enables its member to avail of special offers, discounts and special privileges from participating  retailers. The card is available to use within the participating stores from the day members receive it. The Card is issued by The Irish  Men’s Sheds Association subject to these terms and conditions.


“Agreement” means the agreement between you, The Irish Men’s Sheds Association and the participating retailer, which includes these terms and conditions.
 “Participating Retailer” means a supplier of goods and/or services available across the Island of Ireland which has agreed to accept the Shedders Card, enabling card holders to avail of discount on purchases.
 “Us” means The Irish Men’s Sheds Association. “You” (or “you”) and “Your” (or “your”) means the person who signed up as a Shedders card holder.


  1. The use of the Card is subject to the terms of this Agreement as may be varied by us from time to time. The current version of the terms and conditions is available at Usage of the Card constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. The Card will not be personalised. The Card is not transferable as a Shedders Card holder. We will assume, unless otherwise advised, that the person using the Card is the rightful user of the Card.
  3. The Card will be available for use immediately upon delivery from the date of purchase; the Card may not be used in the intervening period.
  4. Please record your Card number as this is assigned to you specifically, as a shed member.
  5. You may use the Card, in accordance with any instructions issued by us from time to time, until the card expires, (one year from the date of issue) at which time, this Agreement will no longer entitle you to discounts, special offers and privileges within the  participating retail outlets/stores. You will be notified in advance of your expiry date and the Irish Men’s Sheds Association will issue  you with the necessary documentation for renewal of same.
  6. Aside from the annual Shedders Card membership fees, you will not incur additional charges for use of this Card.
  7. The Card belongs to us and it must be returned to us (cut in half vertically) immediately upon request. We or any person acting on our behalf (participating retailers) may retain the Card at any time without notice to you.


  1. The Card may only be used in Participating Retailers. The list of Participating Retailers is available online at
  2. The list of Participating Retailers may change from time to time.
  3. You must not use the card:  if
    (a) You have reported the card lost or stolen; or
    (b) If it has passed its expiry date (the expiry date will be issued to you on a letter enclosing your shedders card).

Any queries or complaints about such goods or services should be addressed to the relevant Participating Retailer(s).


  1. The Shedders Card membership is subject to one full annual instalment of €24 or £20 to the Irish Men’s Sheds Association by either of the following methods:
    a) Postal Order
    b) Cheque
    c) Pay Pal
  2. Card Replacement Fee: If your card is lost or stolen, we will issue you with a replacement card at your request. However, if you feel the card is not up to  merchantable standards, we will request the card be returned to your shed leader prior to The Irish Men’s Sheds Association issuing your new card.


  1. We reserve the right at all times to introduce new terms and conditions and/or to vary or amend the existing terms and conditions by giving you two months’ notice thereof by whatever means we, in accordance with applicable legislation, deem appropriate, in  which circumstances you shall be free to terminate this Agreement. In the absence of any prior notice to the contrary, you will be  deemed to have accepted such revised terms and conditions with effect from their notified effective date.
  2. We reserve the right at all times to vary our annual membership fees and charges by giving you two months’ notice thereof by whatever means we, in accordance with applicable legislation, deem appropriate, save where the variation is to your benefit in which circumstances we may implement such variation with immediate effect and notify you thereafter.


  1. If at any time:
    (i) you are in breach of any of the terms of this Agreement; or
    (ii) we have reasonable grounds to suspect misuse or dishonesty;
    we will be entitled to take such steps as we consider reasonably necessary to restrict your right to use the Card, which, without
    limitation, shall include, without prior notice to you.
    (iii) The Card can be used in Participating Retailer outlets in Ireland and Northern Ireland, only.  The Card may not be used abroad.
    (iv) The Card cannot be used in automated teller machines (“ATMs”) to obtain cash.
    (v) The Card may only be used to avail of discounts set out by the Participating Retailers. A list of current participating retailers is
    available at


  1. The Irish Men’s Sheds Association will not be liable for any delay or failure in performing any of its obligations in respect of the use of the Card where such delay or failure occurs because of any circumstances beyond The Irish Men’s Sheds Association’s  reasonable control.
  2. The Irish Men’s Sheds Association may disclose details of the Card to participating retailers and to any person acting as its agent in connection with the use or issue of the Card.
  3. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Irish law. The Courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to hearing any disputes that may arise in connection with this Agreement.
  4. All communications under this Agreement will be in English.


If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service offered, please contact The Irish Men’s Sheds Association, by telephone 051  448 725, by email or by post to The Irish Men’s Sheds Association, Block 2, 55 Priory Quay, New Ross, Co Wexford. They will be pleased to help and explain the complaints procedure in more detail. A copy of the Complaints Procedure is available upon request. The Irish Men’s Sheds Association and (if required), the participating retailer, will try and resolve your  complaint as soon as possible. Often however, the complaint will need to be investigated. If this is the case, The Irish Men’s Sheds  Association will write to you within 5 Business Days to acknowledge receipt of your complaint and tell you how long it might be before  your complaint is resolved.